Services to Youth

Program Members

Styne Hill, Chair
Aaila Shaheed
Pamela Fleming
Ruykia Higgins
Cesanee Johnson
Minnette Powell
Sherry Cook

We may be practicing Social Distancing, but we are still “Linked in Friendship and Connected In Service.” Here is a sample of the contents of our “Links COVID-19 Home Kits” that will be delivered to three needy Seniors and one single Mom with 5 boys!  These Home Kits included a six- pack of bottled water, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Our Services to Youth facet members, have committed to preparing at least one (1) Kit for someone in need (a family member, one of our Link Sisters, or whomever we deem as needing assistance). The contents may differ, but the goal is to meet the needs of many people (young and old) that can’t get out to shop in the long lines at the stores. Gas cards, wipes or even soup helps!  We are doing our part! 

This year, the Tucson chapter of The Links, Incorporated also established a National Society of Black Engineer (NSBE) Jr. Chapter. This goal was accomplished with the help of sponsor Raytheon/United Technology, and Jimmy Hart of the Tucson Unified School District. 

Below, please find the other goals of our Service to Youth program. 


  • Goal 1: Deploy a Mentoring/Awareness Campaign on Anti-Bullying
  • Goal 2: Partnerships & Integrated Facet Goals: NT&S – Registration and Mentors for UA Students Welcome Back Program; STY / ITS – Advocates for TUSD’s Tucson Educational Enrichment for Minorities and H&HS – Health services: Colgate Dental program; Sarver Heart for Women of Color Outreach