National Links HBCU Social Media Day (#LinksSupportHBCUs)

2017-09-30 All day

September is the perfect time of year to launch our National HBCU Initiative Fall Kick Off!  We invite and encourage all chapters to please join us as we launch our National HBCU Kick Off Campaign, #LinksSupportHBCUs. This is a critical time in history and we must all join together in the mission to preserve one our nation’s greatest treasures – HBCUs!

We are asking all members to wear your favorite HBCU paraphernalia or colors to your next meeting and plan to devote a short time discussing how your chapter can support HBCUs throughout the year. Suggested activities may include the following:

  • Create a short chapter HBCU video highlighting achievements of your chapter’s HBCU graduates and others community leaders.
  • Sponsor/collaborate and partner with an HBCU and other organizations to host a college fair, HBCU tour, and other related activities throughout the year.
  • DONATE, DONATE, DONATE!  Show your love and support by making a financial contribution to your favorite HBCU during the month of September and let them know that:


  • Post appropriate pictures and videos on social media throughout the month highlighting chapter members, Connecting Links, Heir-O-Links, other family members, community leaders and chapter-related HBCU activities using the hashtag #LinksSupportHBCUs.

National Links HBCU Social Media Day – September 30, 2017

Post chapter group pictures, videos and chapter HBCU activities to close out the month!  Be sure to use the hashtag #LinksSupportHBCUs.

We may not have all attended an HBCU, but through our heritage, we are all connected to at least one.

Thank you for your support of our HBCUs!